Hello World! Come on out!


Seriously it still amazes me to hear coming out stories. Mostly because I walk in a room and everyone says, “oh there’s the lesbian.” I think it’s been that way since well… forever. I’ve seen my baby photos. Sitting on my fathers lap. I looked like a peewee football player when I was only a few months old.

Then my mom well she named me Linda and I had to question that because even in the photos I look at myself and think what a cute baby dyke.

I’m curious why she named me Linda. Of all the names available why couldn’t she name me Kasey or Stacey or just Pat? Even Pat with it’s Saturday Night Live history is better than Linda. Of course I had to change my name because Linda just doesn’t work for a BUtch. Even now sometimes my brother slips up and calls me Linda and everyone in the room swivels their heads looking for the womyn he’s addressing. I’ve even made it a point to not date womyn with the name Linda. It’s so bizarre to say my own name during sex. Seriously have you ever screamed your own name during sex? There’s been times when I’ve been so good with myself I truly want to scream my own name.

Okay… I’m way off topic here. What was the topic? Oh yes coming out stories. Most people have a good story. If I had to identify a coming out moment in my life other than exiting the womb it would have to be when I was five and my uncle introduced our family to his girlfriend who at the time was seventeen. I remember my exact words to my mom and dad, “if I sit up taller do you think she’ll think I’m older?” Looking back on the event I’m amazed at my own bravado asking my parents such a thing without concern there would be repercussions for crushing on a womyn. It quickly becomes clear to me children are innocent and that innocence leads them to be openly honest with feelings and desires. That changes with adulthood. Then there’s the obvious the fact that even at the tender age of five I knew. I KNEW. Something within me was attracted and drawn to the beauty of a womyn. There’s no way at five I stopped and asked myself okay about this choice. Too be attracted or not? What would a five year old choose? To be or not to be? That totally dismisses the idea that being homosexual is a choice. Besides who would choose to not have equal rights, to be bullied, to be discriminated against… okay that’s another topic of it’s own. Back to my coming out event. My parents were amused at the time it was just cute. However, ten years later they were not amused mostly because my uncles girlfriend when I was five was now my aunt. Even now thirty something plus something years later she’s still smokin’ hot. (Hiya Aunt Betty!)

I promise when I started typing I had a clear cut topic for this post however as with most my post you will find I’m merely tripping down memory lane with a few chuckles or a rant about something that’s happening in our wonderful world.

Comment if you so desire. Share your coming out experience or express your thoughts on mine or anything you care to express. I entertain and enjoy the thoughts of all.

Check me out tomorrow when I might type, “WHAT THE HELL?” or nothing at all.

10 thoughts on “Hello World! Come on out!

  1. Haha, I think everyone can pretty much agree that it’s something recognized at an early age. I may not have known what, but I knew something was off. I had an elaborate plan to make my roommate a cake on it that said Bi the way…I’m gay. Then give it to her the day we moved out. (she loves cookies) In the end I just told her outright since we’d be living together again. She just said really? and went on to comment about the tv show that was on. I wish I could do that with everyone, but it took a lot to tell her after two years of living together.

    • I love the cake idea! I laughed when I read your words. Thanks for reading my first blog and commenting. There should be some kind of award I could give you for that. Maybe I could make you a cake that would say, “Bi the way thanks for stopping by… stay gay.”

      I’m guessing based on your words that your gayness is not as obvious as mine. I’ve often wondered what it might be like to fit in the crowd with no one assuming based on my appearance that I’m gay.

  2. That was supposed to say cookie cake. And having entertaining blogs to read is rewarding enough. Haha, I couldn’t help, but picture a news anchor saying “Thanks for stopping world, stay gay.” Most people just assume I don’t date, but I guess I’ve just played the straight role for so long that I’m good at it.

  3. Lol…wow! What can I say “I kissed a girl n I liked it!!!” If we lived closer u wld so be my best friend for life!!! U didn’t get the whle story yesterday but let me just add that when I was around that age….maybe a lil older I played “Dr” w my friend…yes that kinda Dr…lol n the ex husband I told u about…well he knew I was B4 I did. I had a crush on a girl who worked in the gay club here n I didn’t even know it. Well u know what happened after that n here I am today n I looooove the ladies! Lol you rock Lyn!!! 🙂

    • We would be best friends for certain.
      I wonder who we would call to bail us out of jail?
      I’m glad you play on my team.
      Thanks for inspiring me to blog again.
      You rock!

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