Shut the FUK up!

I’m FAT so take that!

I’m not really fat anymore but I used to be. I think that qualifies me with the privilege of using the word FAT. I still identify with the title because everything we experience remains a part of us. I’m proud of it.

Have you noticed Fat is such an ugly word and if you say it in reference to someones appearance immediately everyone assumes you are a fat hater? Society puts so much emphasis on size and the belief that healthy is a size -12.

FAT is NOT ugly or gross it simply is. Just as Gay, Lesbian, Dyke, Queer, And Homosexual have become bad words used against those who are with the intention of humiliating and causing harm to them.

Typically the person using those words are straight heterosexual people and/or Christians.

Of course I have something to say…

I am a Gay, Lesbian, Butch, Dyke, Queer, Homosexual. Attempting to use words that define who I am against me does not humiliate or hurt me. I wear them proudly.

If I were as narrow minded as you I would be offended to be called Straight, Heterosexual, Breeder, Baptist, Christian or Religious. Have you thought about that? Offending me would be calling me WHAT YOU ARE.

So the next time I’m riding my byke with my friends instead of screaming, “DYKE!” at us (which only makes us yell back, “thank you.”) try screaming, “STRAIGHT!” That might possibly get the humiliated, hurt reaction you are hoping for… nah we’ll just laugh at your stupid azz.


9 thoughts on “Shut the FUK up!

  1. You make a very valid point. People use words which such dexterity that they not only wound they stab as well. Hope you have a faboulous weekend.

    • Thank you. I hope you enjoyed your weekend too.
      I was called sir this weekend and I’m not sure if it was intended or not but I still said thank you.

      • lol when I was 12 going thru my “ugly” stage afro and all. A little boy referred to me as if I were a boy. never mind that I had boobs. Don’t pay it no mind. You are a pretty boy lol.

  2. Don’t just want to smack the crap out of narrow minded, ignorant bungholes….I know I do…like right now…

  3. Don’t you just want to smack the holy crap out of the smug, narrow-minded bungholes that have nothing better to do than put other peeps down just to feel better about themselves….well it’s really getting on my last nerve…..just sayin…. 😉

    • I’ll just leave the angry smacking to the angry lil’ gay boy.
      I witnessed it all in live scarey action yesterday.

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