I’m All Wet. *

I’m All Wet.*

Who knew visiting the lake could inspire so much Lesbian writing?

Seriously I’m working at a speed I believed to be fast and furious at home in the city. Now I’ve found this quaint little house tucked away nicely on the lake really redefines fast and furious Lesbian writing.

Why you may ask?

Is it due to the peaceful environment, the connection to nature or maybe the silence all around me? NO! Although I do adore being able to hear the sound of seeds falling from the trees because otherwise it’s total silence. That’s not the reason.

I simply have no internet access. I can’t connect. I can’t post a million pointless status updates and read all the other pointless updates. I can’t surf all those sarcastic photos I love to re post and check my email 500 times a day.  You would think I could use my smart phone. Not possible way out here it’s dumb.

I asked the guy at the store on the corner of the cow pasture, “do you have any fancy coffee?” He said, “NO.” I asked, “do you have WiFi?” He said, “now you’re pushing it.”

Yes indeed. Lots of wonderful beautiful words have spilled onto my laptop keyboard and lots of sentences turned into chapters the past few days.

I am thankful.

*This blog brought to you by 3G available nowhere else except right here in the middle of the lake. I’m ALL WET but I’m here and I’m blogging.


2 thoughts on “I’m All Wet. *

  1. Lyn enjoy the silence while you can and write til your heart is content. How you manage to blog here baffles me lol. No wifi, no net, but still you manage to post. 🙂 well I would love to be all wet and take a dip in that lake, but I will have to settle for dreams and reading your wonderful blogs. Have a great day!

  2. I live on the west edge of Sav. Ga. Near the water in a area that if you didn’t know there was a WalMart 2minutes away you wld think you were in the deep south country. Yyou know where the rednecks don’t even know what wifi is? Lol anyway I’m deff a city girl but in moving out here I have recnnnnected w the silence of the woods. See I lived on a farm as a child…yep a farm…cows chickens pigs n horses! I loved it!!! I guess you cld say I’m the “black sheep” of the familly…the late blooming lesbian city girl! Anyway my point is I love it out here! I don’t at all care for the bugs but I guess its a trade off for being able to sit on my lil deck n be able to hear nothing but birds and “seeds” fall from the trees…oh and be able to hit up the 2minutes away WalMart! Lol what elese can a girl need? Lol oh btw…the wifi here blows hbhere as well! Thank god my phone works most of the time…i’d just die if I cldnt read your witty blogs! Lololol…:-P

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