Lesbians! Do NOT read this!



Oh you did it anyway…

Why can’t lesbians follow directions?

Now that you’re here I want your thoughts.

I’ve dabbled a bit in online dating, seriously who hasn’t?

SO, here’s an honest ad… would you respond or not?

What are your thoughts?

SPOONING ONLY!  Nothing more… W4W

Simply put I’m a very successful lesbian.

I’m single and not interested in a relationship.

I’m seeking someone to keep me company ONLY at night.

Must be an attractive female, legal age and must

Not be seeking anything more than a good nights

sleep. Close spooning required.

I am a BUTCH lesbian, I’m drug free, and disease free.

You must be also and a non-smoker.

I’m not interested in MEN OR BI women. I prefer an attractive

woman to sleep with (seriously who doesn’t) so email me

your photo and why you are interested in spooning with me.

I will happily share my photo after you email me yours.

This wasn’t part of the ad.

Just my thought.

5 thoughts on “Lesbians! Do NOT read this!

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