Strap It On!


So it seems I have found the perfect place to post my sarcastic, dirty, tacky, NAughty, socially unacceptable thoughts and…



WordPress doesn’t make it easy.

I don’t like that much. I’ve had 500 views and very few comments.


If I had posted these blogs on facebook or in the old myspace days there would be a million comments, likes, threats and haters posting on em. These are mild blogs for me. It’s amazing what people get in an uproar about. I don’t report people on facebook or even comment if they say or post something that gets me bent I just delete and block. It’s my choice to read or not. Damn just shut up and move on. Leave people alone. Let em express who they are, what they think and what they believe. If you don’t like it just say so… on your own facebook,  myspace or wherever. Better yet just shut the fuk up.

Now that I’ve tested the water and have cornered my only little space here on wordpress I should warn you.

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, strap it on and hold on tight.


Btw… Fruit Flys you are welcome here!


8 thoughts on “Strap It On!

  1. Oh my sweet darling, sugar plum, a Pink Lady or an Egremont Russet or a Cox’s Orange Pippin or a Gala-

    Come and comment on mine, and I will comment on yours. Simples. I have this sad amusing git of a “Christian” telling me we will burn in Hell, so I have told him to Repent. Such larks, tra la!

    • I will comment on yours. I enjoy your blogs.
      I’m excited to meet this “Christian” you know when a vampire meets a “Christian” there’s gonna be bloodshed.
      Hope it doesn’t make a mess on your blog.
      See you in the comment section.

  2. Lmao I love your blogs and especially love the way you express yourself. It is a shame that that this cannot be done on Facebook. I would post a lot more and be more myself. But due to the fact that so many people get their panties in a wad if you even say one derogatory statement. But I have been a little more expressive lately in pic form lol. Have a wonderful evening and keep em coming!

  3. It takes time on WordPress to develop commenters, followers, etc. Clare is right, the more you follow and comment the more you will get followed and commented on. Don’t give up!

    • Thank you for that. I’m actually glad to be free of the haters and able to post whatever I want. It’s nice and very freeing. Thanks for commenting.

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