Shut up, bend over and grab your ankles.

As you know I’m always pondering societies thoughts and definitions on terms used to describe people like you and I.

Whatever you may be regardless of straight, homosexual or Christian. Society still puts you and I into a neat little labeled box so we can be easily identified and discriminated against. Don’t deny it. You know it’s true.

We are all discriminated against. Black, Asian, Jew, Homosexual, Fat, Skinny, Tall, Ugly, Beautiful, Anorexic, Baptist, Satanist, Pagan, New Age, Women, Hispanic, Native Americans…

I could go on forever listing everyone who’s discriminated against. I think it’s much easier to list who isn’t discriminated against.

Now this is just my opinion so don’t your panties in a wad but it’s easy. The White Male.

I’ve pondered why life is so much easier for, “The White Male” and I’ve been able to narrow it down to one thing that it all goes back to. The Bible. The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve.

I know I shouldn’t go there. It’s the Forbidden Fruit and I’m offering it again to all those discriminated against. Go ahead take a bite. Hell, I dare ya. Say something. Speak up. Stop being submissive to “The White Male”. Or shut up, bend over and continue to take it up the…


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