Spoiler Alert… Titanic 3D

Ship Still Sinks, Jack dies and Rose’s Heart Goes On.

I know there’s a lot of hype about the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of Titanic.

I loved the movie. Thought it was amazing. Although I don’t think I really need to see it in 3D. The last two girlfriends I had I spent 10 years with both of their numbers combined. Both those womyn were hopeless romantics so every single time Titanic came on tv I had to endure the love making palm on the car window, the ship sinking (again) and I’ll never let you go followed by My Heart Will Go On mixed in with sniffles and then just out right weeping from my lady love.

I was never surprised even the first time I saw it at the movies. THE SHIP SINKS. The movie does not change. Rose falls in love with Jack, they have sex (once) she hogs the wood and he freezes to death and after prying his frozen fingers from her wrist and muttering, “I’ll never let you go Jack,” he sinks to the bottom of the ocean. I think she let him go. I know I missed the romantic point. Trust me I got it. It’s just that after 500 views I’m a bit de-romanticised.

I wasn’t upset by Kate Winslet saying that she hates My Heart Will Go On or that the differences between her and Leo now are that he’s fat and she isn’t and when they made the movie it was the other way around. I love her flippant put out comments.                                           Sidebar– I adore Kate Winslet!

I know I’m a heartless bitch BUtch Lesbian. Thank you I take that as a compliment in so many different ways. Just to save a little face here I will say when I recall the first time I watched Titanic I seem to remember I as a Baby BUtch with my lady love sniffling beside me might have shed a tear or two. There all better now?

I’m amazed also at the photos surfacing of the Titanic. Hasn’t been in the same place the past 100 years?

Hey, James Cameron haven’t you rode the Titanic wave long enough? Get your ass busy on your next amazing project.

So, here’s what caused my Titanic rant. A photo on Yahoo news of what they are saying are human remains. I mean no disrespect here but it appears to me that right beside those boots (human remains) from 100 years ago is a smashed 7up can. Take a peek for yourself. Another great mystery of life.


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