Take it from me: FE is NOT Pee!

I had to post this because during dinner with my straight girl friends and two of my lesbian friends the conversation once again took the sex path. You may recall I blogged about this happening before if you don’t recall you need to read my previous blog Muff, Muff, Naked Muff, or…

Anyway, I really don’t mind when my straight girls decide to talk about their sex lives. I love hearing about how their boyfriends or husbands can’t satisfy them and that they have to fake orgasms or their man ejaculates prematurely and thinks a G Spot is a bagel shop on May Avenue.

Now imagine this here we are eating dinner in a nice resturant (of course it’s the same place we always eat, the staff have gotten accustomed to our sex rants and now keep us tucked away in the very back of the resturant) 9 womyn including myself consisting of 6 Straight womyn/girls, a Dyke, a Femme Lesbian and myself The BUtch. I’m certain there’s a Bi in the Straight girl mix she just hasn’t came out yet. I invited my two friends the Dyke and the Femme Lesbian to help balance and of course to back me up during the sex talk.

There we were three lesbians listening to straight womyn  bitchin’ and moaning about premature ejaculation. Truth be told boring stuff for us lesbians. We could care less about premature ejaculation. Our cocks are always hard and always ready to go.

Right in the middle of their male sex discussion my Dyke friend asks, “oh fuk’ have any of you ladies ever ejaculated?”

I heard a pin drop. The silence was amazing. The Dyke totally shut their bitchin’ and moaning up.

The expressions around the table were priceless:

Straight girl #1:  Jaw dropped, mouth hanging open.
Straight girl #2:  Hand covering mouth, eyes huge.
Straight girl #3:  Finally someone speaks, “What the hell? Are you serious?”
Straight girl #4:  The dumb azz question “Are you a man?”
Lesbian Femme: “Hell yeah I’ve ejaculated! It’s Fantastic!”
Straight girl #5:  “Ewwww seriously?”
Straight girl #6:  “Isn’t that Pee?”
Straight girl #7:  “Golden Showers are not my thing.” She’s the one I suspect might be Bi.

I’m almost certain they let me hang with them just to educate them because straight womyn/girls aren’t so bright when it comes to sex. Not intended to offend you but if you have never ejaculated you are really missing out on some intense pleasure. That being said, it’s time I address the biggest misconception and a few other points about female ejaculation.


Get Educated!

What Is In Female Ejaculation? What’s The Fluid?

Let me get the biggest myth out of the way- IT IS NOT URINE. Upon testing the liquid, scientists have found that it contains levels of glucose (sugar), and an enzyme (prostatic acidphosphatase), which is characteristic of a major component in semen. It is similar to the prostate fluid within male ejaculation but without the sperm. There are also two other substances contained in the fluid, commonly found in urine (ureaand creatinine), which are found in trace amounts. It is a unique substance, and unlike the heavier and thicker fluid that you would typically see when a woman is “wet” or has had an orgasm.

Where Does Female Ejaculation Come From?

Female ejaculation is a fluid that is pushed out of the urethra (pee-hole- just like urine) however, unlike urine it comes from the Paraurethral/Skenes glands (located under and making up theG-Spot) during sexual arousal.

How Is Female Ejaculate Different Than Regular Cum?

There are two types of female cum that can be excreted during sexual arousal. They are clinically termed as urethral and vaginal ejaculation fluids. The one most commonly seen in our culture is vaginal ejaculate, which lubricates the vaginal walls and oozes out during sexual arousal. You probably have noticed it is milky and ranges in its thickness and odor based on a woman’s diet, overall health and the phase she is experiencing within her menstrual cycle.

Urethral ejaculate is what we are referring to when describing female ejaculation and is less common. It is the watery ejaculate that sprays or gushes out and is the one that isgenerally less known about. Again, this is not because only a few, special women are capable, but rather due to lack of understanding of women’s sexual health issues in this culture.

How Much Ejaculate Comes Out?

Most women can gush as much as 1.5 – 2 cups of the fluid when ejaculating. However this can be affected by how hydrated a woman is, how much she pushes while ejaculating, and other factors.

Why Don’t Most Women Know About It Or Do It?

Female ejaculation is not difficult; its techniques are just not known about by many. Because women typically don’t know about the elusive reasons they are not doing it, they are usually sabotaging their chances for gushing female ejaculate when they are having an orgasm.

One of the main reasons that women do not know they can do it is because women will often feel like they need to urinate when they are ready to expel the ejaculate and because they think that urine will come out, which it will not, they hold back. You see the G-Spot (Skenes Glands) fill up with the female ejaculate fluid and this puts pressure on the urethra (pee-tube) thus, making it feel like she has to urinate when in actuality she could ejaculate if she simply pushed instead of holding back.

There are sure-fire methods, techniques and ways to achieve it as well as overcome inhibitors, yet the issue of holding back for fear of urinating is a big factor for many women.

Because women can gush as much as two cups of ejaculate, many people think that it must be urine. Often women who do not know what is happening (and there are many) are embarrassed, confused and find it to be of great concern. It does not help that most health practitioners are not informed about it as many women are being told they require surgery and/or psychotherapy for this normal female sexual response!

If there is one thing that I can stress, it is that female ejaculation is not only visually erotic, but it feels incredible to do it. The kind of sexual release that a woman feels from this powerful gush is like no other.


9 thoughts on “Take it from me: FE is NOT Pee!

  1. I can’t believe you had to actually explain this ~ I can, have and will forever continue to do so…..great artical ❤

  2. I have heard of this but never knew it in detail as you have put it…should I feel stupid for not knowing all this!?

  3. Yeah, it’s pretty funny… but somewhat true. I mean, I personally know a lot more straight women than you apparently do who have, and like, squirting orgasms. But… when they first have them, they often seem worried that they pissed themselves, or at least are confused. Clearly there’s not enough dissemination of info about this… but there’s also another reason, I think: if you do some research, you’ll find that it’s not as clear-cut a line between whether it has ammonia in it or not. Some has almost none, some has a fair amount. I personally had a lover whose particular FE chemistry changed when she had an early radical hysterectomy. It got so much more acidic and smelled much more strongly of ammonia; eventually she decided she didn’t enjoy the orgasms as much because of it, and she stopped doing the things that got her quirt on. Pity.

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