I’m the type who always does something to get a response. I’m not really sure why, it’s just my nature. I think I mostly just wonder what people are thinking. It’s enlightening to listen to other people express themselves. It’s a great learning experience. I love different thoughts and ideas. I don’t enjoy hate that I will not tolerate. I tend to put up with a lot of bull S#*t just because I know it’s there and I’m gonna step in it every day we all do. I don’t avoid it but I don’t search for it either.

That being said and out of the way I want to post some photos because I posted a beautiful artistic photo of a BUtch womyn on Facebook. The photo meant a lot to me because I am BUtch and I am a womyn. I think sometimes people forget we are BUtch but we are still womyn.

Here’s the photo:


The photo did get several reactions. Some womyn posted comments for everyone to see and others for crazy reasons attacked my posting of the photo in private messages. I didn’t have a clue it would stir up such outrage. Sometimes I am still amazed at the lack of acceptance among lesbians.

One persons suggestion:   “here’s a thought..that is a posed photo — go take some pics of real BUtch womyn!…they are the ones who don’t put their fingers in their mouth & have torn t-shirts. JS!!”

I of course don’t have the time to run around taking photos of BUtch womyn. Honestly I’d rather take photos of FEmme womyn and that’s the truth but I did try something interesting. I searched google for images of “REAL BUTCH WOMEN” and the first twenty I found I decided to post. These are or from what I can tell BUtch womyn just doing their thang.

Comment your thoughts are these “REAL BUTCH WOMEN” ?

Do you like any of them based on their photo?

I would credit the photo to the photographer or put the name of who the BUtch womyn are but it was a random google search so I don’t have a clue.










































And one more just because it’s my blog and I can:



Don’t hate on any of these womyn. They are all beautiful/sexy.

I just found this to be quite the interesting experiment.

11 thoughts on ““REAL BUTCH WOMEN”

  1. Reblogged this on From the mind of Del… and commented:
    I like the first photo, it says to me that she’s being seductive and playful. Sometimes people just read a little more than necessary into things. My baby is a little butcher, but the Sweet Thing you have posted does make for good eye candy! Yum! As far as the extended photos, some of them are yummie looking as well. Del

      • Here’s a photo of my baby! Del

        /Users/depurplelady/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2011/11/29/20111129-181400/SAM_0189.JPG

  2. I love your blog, I also love butch women, not because they are manly as straight people say, but because they are touch with who they are and they are confident in who they are.. I myself is a dominant femme, but looks cute in a ball cap and boots but find myself pretty n pink. I’m proud to know my woman, knows who she is after years and finally finds herself in just being herself.. Beautiful…love yall

  3. …express yourself the way you want to express yourself…artistic or not…real or “not”…posed, not posed…define your “butchness” the way you want to, a label doesn’t make or break what your preferences are. I am femme…but you know, there’s times when I could be mistaken…maybe I like wearing your button down to bed 🙂 or slipping on your silk boxers and a beater..does that define me as butch..nope.

  4. Ok first things first…I think the picture that has caused so much “outrage” for you is actuallllly an amazing picture! I mean its only my opinion but if anyone w a open mind or half a brain for inner meanings of something wld get that the picture is saying “hey ppl I may be a butch but I’m still very much a womyn!” My opinion again…n I’M NOT SORRY… but why do ppl have to be so close minded n ig-ner-ent! I sometimes think I may be too open minded bc other ppls minds piss me off! I find myself tring so hard to understand everyones point of views and tring to look a things fr their point of view but you know sometimes stupid is just stupid and there’s no way to make sense of stupid when your mind is open to just about anything that’s thrown at you! Now in sayinng all that…I’m a lil shocked to hear that you even have anyone on your page that wld have a problem w anything you have to say or post! We all have opinions but having a probleem w your post??? Odd! I love your open mindedness and even if I didn’t agree w something you do or say I wld never attack you for it! I wld ponder your view and make my own cboices on the subject but never judge or attack your own views! Keep it up and keep us all on our toes girl…I LOVE IT! 🙂

  5. Oh Lyn lmfao I liked the original butch pic and of course yours in 20… But wow not so much any of the others. Actually not at all. 🙂

  6. Part of the problem is that people think they need to fit into a particular area. Me yes I can do the whole make-up thing but I also love a good pair of jeans and t-shirt. Those that know me know this one very well. If I had to pick the ones that I would be most attracted to it would be 5,10,11 and 15. Now of course there is the one that I have had a crush on forever and a day. Sure you will know who that is.

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