6 thoughts on “Lesbian Sexual Positions!

      • The rawrr was to all of them but Honestly… not many! I’ve only been out sense 06 n the women I’ve seen well let’s just say good sex but only one was a lil more on the exsperimental side where the others were more on the basic side. Now with what I’ve seen here a few have struck my fan-sy… who hasn’t done the Lazy Doggie but one of my fav’s…the spoon as well, that’s a given! Now for the ones that struck my fan-sy n gave me a lil tingle down there :-)… The pllough.whoaaaa… now don’t get me wrong when I say this bc I like sentimental love making sex but I’m sorry but imma give it to me rough kinda gal! Soooo when I see the word “plough” oh yes mam let’s go!!! Lol oh yeah a lil “Ploughing” with some “Side Dish” NOW YER TALKIN!

  1. yes over a lifetime ~ done them ALL ~ favorite? really if there is a hot woman involved they can all be my favorite….I have a tendency to move around alot…

  2. I like to try all, and have but a few, I like cowgirl,and reverse, toboggan is good too. When you are with someone you trust it makes things all the hotter…umn…sounds like some aftwernoon delight…

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