Finally Obama steps up…

Now what will happen?

Will we (same-sex couples) finally be allowed to legally marry, will Obama make it happen?

Will he get the support of our community only to have nothing change for same sex couples after he’s re-elected? (Sounds like a Clinton trick).

Will he not get re-elected for supporting marriage of same-couples?

Will the world truly end in 2012 because Obama is supporting same-sex marriage?

Is this the big step in major change for same-sex couples?

What’s YOUR thoughts? Do you have any about anything? Share em’.


8 thoughts on “Finally Obama steps up…

      • Wow! I just literally put in a response to this same question on FB. Sadly, and I really hate to say this but I think that President Obama should have waited until he was re-elected before making such a noble stance. His decision could either make him or break him at this point. I believe that there are just too many people who are very ignorant to homosexuality and for some reason are very afraid that we (homosexuals) will be getting an added liberty that we should already be granted. I also feel that President Obama has done a lot for the homosexual community thus far, I just hope that this recent act of his, in favor of gay marriages does not keep him from getting re-elected.

  1. I think it was a bold move and quite admirable. Even those who don’t agree with him must respect him for taking a stand, finally. I feel a revolution reaching epic heights…even JCPenney is taking a stand, putting same-sex couples in their print advertising and standing their ground against onemillionmoms…It’s electrifying and a definite turning point. I honestly think he’s tousled with this dilemma for quite some time and made a decision based on what’s fair. And that’s been his whole stance regarding most issues – what is fair?

  2. He’s a smart, calculating politician. I see this as a good sign that the tide had already turned in our favor. He sticks his neck out when he knows it will work to his advantage. He has read the writing on the wall.

  3. I’m happy that this stance was made and God knows our community needs all the ppl we can get on our side but in saying that I think we also need a leader who can “run” our country n not “run it in the ground”. Show me somene who can do that first n formost n they have my vote. Hell if were at war who cares about getting married when yer tring to stay alive? I’m all for our rights but my point is that if our leader can’t lead were all up shits creek wo a paddle anyway….gay straight trans or bi

  4. Well I applaud Pres. Obama for stepping up to the plate, and I hope that it wasn’t just because he wanted to get the youth motivated once again to vote for him. However, I think the issue needs to be squarely dealt with, and most polls show that the majority of Americans support LGBT rights, so hopefully the true majority of Americans will go out to the polls and support him.

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