Lesbians where do you fit in?



There’s so much discussion and confusion about Lesbians.

Especially when it comes to labels. Like it or not we all fall into a category with a nice little label on it. I blog about being BUtch and sex and anything else I’m inclined to blog about so I get to hear it all.

“Don’t label me, I’m just me.”

“I’m not a lesbian, my girlfriend is.”

“I’m just a human loving another human not a gender.”

“I wear lipstick but I have a tool belt. That confuses everyone.”

“I’m not Butch I just like to wear men’s clothes.”


“Don’t label me you fukin’ Dyke.”

“Makeup doesn’t make me FEmme it makes me a womyn.”


Seriously, I gave up a long time ago. I don’t mind being called BUtch. I love the title/label. I am BUtch. I wear my hair short, I love my cargo shorts. I love wearing men’s underwear. I love working out. I enjoy cigars, motorcycles, pinup girls. I’m BUtch baby. I own it.

We don’t mind being called womyn. Because we are. Figure out who you are and be you.  


Labels are not so bad get in where you fit in and make a statement.


Where do YOU fit in?



10 thoughts on “Lesbians where do you fit in?

  1. Hmmm! How very interesting, and how very true this is of some women. As for me I identify as a femme, I love dresses, pumps and naughty little nighties. :).

  2. I love skirts, heels, makeup when I take the time to do it, lace undies and fancy purses. But…I build stuff, refinish furniture, paint, own many tools (and no, they’re not pink), I don’t run from bugs, I don’t mind sweating or getting dirty, love sports and drinking beer. I guess you could say that I’m a femme with an inner butch…

  3. I like my nails n all the lil girly things! I don’t wear panties so I’m not into lace…I like a butch in the streets n a bitch in the sheets so idk where do I fit in? Hmmm… I guess that makes me a reverse femme…I’m femme in the streets n butch in the sheets! Lol:-) nothing sexier than a butch womyn that’s submissive! My ohhhh myyyy!

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