OH SHiT. Public service message.


This is just a public service message from yours truly.
Had it been a real emergency you would have been told where to…

Okay it’s kinda an emergency. I’m tired of all the SHiT and I mean SHiT literally.
I’ve worked with the public my entire life even though it’s not so long it’s been long enough especially dealing with all the SHiT everyone throws.

I mean it’s not bad enough I have to put up with stinky BO customers, alcoholics at 9am buying mouthwash, spray paint huffers, snotty stiletto bitches, I’m entitled to treat you like SHIT white men, I want a refund for this $1.25 item (seriously it happens), being called a bitch and/or a dyke (thanks for those compliments even though you meant em’ as insults), people dropping dead from heart attacks right before my eyes (it’s retail not healthcare)…

All of that’s just from customers and the list could go on page after page. I won’t even go into detail about the SHiT Head employees I manage. I really don’t have that kind of time to waste. Speaking of waste I should continue with my public service message.

After all the SHiT I put up with the worst possible SHiT is when I walk into the public restroom to take a piss and the huge azz stench of your SHiT smacks me right in the fukin’ face.

Oh this offends you? So sorry, butt there’s seriously no way to put it nicely when your SHiT stinks so bad. I should tell you there’s nothing worse than your fumes permeating the air that I breath and the knowledge that I can’t hold my breath long enough to keep from sucking your stinky SHiT stench into my lungs.

I know we all do it. It’s human. We all SHiT. DUH!

However, if you’ve ever had to clean up SHiT from people holding it too long and then blasting it all over the toilet and floor or a mans massive dump that stops up the toilet and flows all over the floor you would get tired of public SHiT too.

Sure some people get paid to clean up your SHiT. So be it. Help a little with your stench will ya?
I know you are aware how horrible your SHiT smells and I know it embarrasses you when you smell up my entire store so here’s my public service announcement.

Do something about it. Carry this item in your pocket, your purse, your backpack, your carry on anywhere you can carry it and use it when the urge for a huge SHiT hits you. Save yourself a lot of embarrassment and everyone else in the bathroom from gagging on your stench. It works. Trust me I’ve tried it myself. It’s not a novelty item for SHiTs and grins well it is for SHiTs but it really works!

I’m begging and pleading next time you visit my store or any public place and take a huge dump use the Poo~Pourri. THANK YOU!

For Women:


For Men:




Even for Kids (right on teach em young to take care of their SHiT stench):


Here’s the website:


7 thoughts on “OH SHiT. Public service message.

  1. lmfao I soooo needed this today. I love your posts and they say laughter is the best medicine. Well honey you just made my day! Visual effects and all. Cant get enough of your blogs. Thank you sooooo much MWAH!!!!!

  2. AMEN! TELL EM GIRL! I too worked retail for almost 20 years and I’ve seen it all as well! Ppl are nasty I tell ya! I worked clothing retail and I wld have ppl try to return shit that had been worn and even smelled like cat piss! Ppl tring clothes on on their period n fucking up our clothes now that’s just down right discusting. Kids shitting on the carpet in the dressing room n the parents just leaving it…I too cld go n for days! Bottom line is ppl are just nasty! Hope yer day “SMELLS” better girl!

  3. Well okay….truth be known, I actually have three bottles of this stuff (I bought the kind for “womyn”….such as my delicate little self). At my house I keep one bottle in the “girl’s bathroom” ie: my bathroom, and one in the “boi’s bathroom” ie: my hot little butch’s bathroom.

    The third bottle I took to my hot little butch’s house to keep in her bathroom….nope, we don’t live together….she has too many issues (JUST KIDDING, if she ever sees this comment, she will smack my ass for saying that).

    The truth is…… I really don’t mind MY poo poo smell at all and I really DO ENJOY having a good poo, especially while reading a good book….. šŸ™‚ However, I DON’T like the smell of anyone else’s poo…..FOR SURE… EEEWWWW…no, no ,no !!! So… I guess it would make perfect sense that no one else would enjoy MY poo poo scent either.

    So….I figure I should do the responsible and considerate thing and cover MY own smelly poo scent, ESPECIALLY when my hot little butch is anywhere near the poo poo room… whether it’s at my house or at hers. It just seems like the right thing to do!! Rock on poo-pourri !!!!

    When I step out of the bathroom, I want my baby to smell my sexy sweet smelling little body….NOT my smelly POO POO scent…….I think she would agree !!! I’m QUITE sure of it.

    YES !!! This stuff works….BUY it….USE it….I have just recently written a letter to my state’s representive asking for her to consider a law that would make this spray mandatory in every public restroom in my state. No word yet, but I am hopeful.!!! lmfao !!! If we can’t get equal rights, I’m guessing mandatory poo-pourri is a pipe-dream !!! C’est la vie !!!

    Thanks Nothing Sweet for a great blog !!! You made my day !!

  4. Reblogged this on From the mind of Del… and commented:
    LOL! I’m sorry I had to laugh at this one! But so very true! I have had the displeasure of having to use public bathrooms where people either don’t check to see if their SHIT has flushed or they forgot to flush it. Great idea with the poo-pourri! Got reblog this one. Del

  5. Oh god! It was once described to me that the smell is minute particles of SHIT in the air! Ewwww!!! I know, like you needed to read that! Sorry. really I am. Dealing with the general public without control of who walks through the front door…SUX!!! I’ve done Macy’s jewelry, Safeway Deli, and Woolworth’s (dating myself here) security along with Mall security (rent-a-cop!) and I hear ya loud and clear! I got a lawn job if you’re interested. Pay is low $10/hour but it’s cash. You only have to deal with me and I’m well…..let’s say, I’m negotiable.

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