I’m a lesbian but this is the best NUTSACK ever!



I know, I know not what you were expecting but to be quite honest if I had labeled it right on with the correct title “Gay Marriage: Foamy The Squirrel” you wouldn’t have even clicked on it.

I know this is true because I’m the blogger who posted a “Number Two” blog yesterday immediately followed by “Male Porn Star With Vagina” and needless to say the views on “Male Porn Star…” were over the top and “Number Two” well it just kinda floated around.

I know how this works if we as humans think we will be horrified, disgusted, turned on, get pissed off or even pissed on we will click on it. If there’s a chance we as humans may learn something, grow from it, smile, share the love or just open our minds we are not interested.

So, watch this video because it’s very right on and it’s great that a Squirrel can address everything about the Same-Sex Marriage Debate and nail it in under 4 minutes.

After you view this please share my blog! Post it on your facebook, tweet it, reblog it, whatever just share it.

Also huge kudos and nuts for the maker of this video Jonathan Ian Mathers. Well done, well said!

4 thoughts on “I’m a lesbian but this is the best NUTSACK ever!

  1. Shared it !!!!

    Seriously…I just want to bitch slap narrow minded a-holes so badly that I have to stay inside most of the time…I am dangerous if I go outside and actually have to deal with shitheads….thank you for giving me a voice and letting me vent (via your blog) without having to smack the crap out of somebody……but please know that I keep a healthy savings account for bail money for those moments when I just FUKIN lose it !!!!!

    Hugs !!!

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