Commando Landing Strip : Pubelicity Malfunction

Seriously, is it publicity or pubelicity?

Do all those celebrities flash their beaver for cash or is it really an accident?

Anne Hathaway had to know she wasn’t wearing panties or maybe she did really forget to put em on. It’s happened to me so many… hell no it hasn’t. I mean really? There’s a breeze. I feel it. I know my undies are not there. So maybe she didn’t mean to flash her goodies for the world but I’m certain she knew she wasn’t wearing panties.

I’m a fan of that sexy shaved landing strip. I love it. I’m thrilled I got the peek.

There’s just one thing that bothers me. It’s the womyn that go commando and wear jeans or shorts. Something about all the stiff raw denim rubbing vagina wetness doesn’t seem so appealing after a full day. I mean doesn’t that kinda get smelly. I’m a big fan of a sweet wet womyn but I want it on lacy cotton. Just my opinion and of course everyone’s entitled to it.



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