Obvious out lesbians… lets all do the Jodie Foster!

Obvious lesbians… lets all do the Jodie Foster!

I’m doing the Jodie Foster and coming out but please respect my privacy.

Yeah right.

First is there anyone who thought Jodie Foster or I might actually be straight?

Second can you be a successful actress such as Jodie or a sex blogger like myself and really expect people to respect your privacy?

Third wasn’t that special the way she acknowledged her partner…  ex-partner that is. Lies lies nothing but lies. Maybe not but who cares?

Fourth so wonderful she received such a high honor. Mine’s coming soon and then I will officially come out. (Insert sarcasm here) Oh happy day.

Fifth I do love Jodie Foster. Now that she’s officially out I wonder if she’s gonna go to DisneyLand?

And finally thanks Jodie for paving the way for all us lesbians who are already out or maybe we paved the way for you.

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