Blurred Lines & Good Girls!

I feel slightly irritated and maybe a bit discombobulated. I just wanted to use discombobulated. It’s such a cool word.

Okay back to my issue.

I’m bothered by the attacks on Miley Cyrus.

Her performance at the MTV VMAs certainly wasn’t her best however, that being said, she proves the point that she can do what she wants to do and I did see Robin Thicke grind on her ass. Seriously have you watched the uncensored video of “Blurred Lines?”

If you haven’t take a peek now!
I personally love the, “Robin Thicke has a big dick part.” 😉

Don’t get me wrong I love his song and I love the uncensored video what I don’t love is the double standard.

Yes Hannah Montana is a Disney princess but Miley well she’s not. That was just a role she played during her younger days. At this point it might be fair to say she’s breaking out and although she’s going about it the totally shocking way, give her a break. At least the same break men get.

Watch the video and share your thoughts.

Were you repulsed and disgusted by Mileys suggestive performance or did you just laugh and say, “look at ole’ Hannah Montana.” ?

Do you judge womyn on the same standard as men?

Share your thoughts whatever they may be.

One thought on “Blurred Lines & Good Girls!

  1. Ok, I see your point. However, I was more disturbed at the ‘adults’ around Miley, thinking that this was ok~ her video, her performance~ all of it. I remember thinking, if I were Paula Patton, I’d be yanking him off of the stage right now. While Miley is grown and can do what she wants, is it appropriate to endorse it by playing that video, allowing her to act out onstage with absolutely no censorship in play, whatsoever? They were both out of line, disrespectful of the audience and clearly clueless as to what passes for entertainment. Sure, we’re “free to be” who we want, but we have to consider our environment and who’s watching. A strip club? Perfect. An awards show? No. There were children in that audience, for crying out loud.

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