Blurred Lines & Good Girls!

I feel slightly irritated and maybe a bit discombobulated. I just wanted to use discombobulated. It’s such a cool word.

Okay back to my issue.

I’m bothered by the attacks on Miley Cyrus.

Her performance at the MTV VMAs certainly wasn’t her best however, that being said, she proves the point that she can do what she wants to do and I did see Robin Thicke grind on her ass. Seriously have you watched the uncensored video of “Blurred Lines?”

If you haven’t take a peek now!
I personally love the, “Robin Thicke has a big dick part.” 😉

Don’t get me wrong I love his song and I love the uncensored video what I don’t love is the double standard.

Yes Hannah Montana is a Disney princess but Miley well she’s not. That was just a role she played during her younger days. At this point it might be fair to say she’s breaking out and although she’s going about it the totally shocking way, give her a break. At least the same break men get.

Watch the video and share your thoughts.

Were you repulsed and disgusted by Mileys suggestive performance or did you just laugh and say, “look at ole’ Hannah Montana.” ?

Do you judge womyn on the same standard as men?

Share your thoughts whatever they may be.

Sex Alone…


Certainly got your attention with that title didn’t I?

It’s misleading. I should apologize but I can not.

One can not live on SEX ALONE although many have tried.

I too have tried.

We are complicated, complex individuals with many needs and desires.

It’s time I come out .

I have a soft side.

Here’s where I can be found if you so desire.


BUtch LEsbian ADvice: EAT PUSSY!

Straight men your womyn complain all the time

because you won’t eat their pussy AND you still expect a big ole’ blow job.

That’s insane. Take some BUtch LEsbian ADvice from me.

Here’s all you need to do to get what you want from your womyn:


BUtch LEsbian ADvice!

Gay Honey Boo Boo!

Gay Honey Boo Boo!

GLAAD just nominated “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”
for an award and listed Honey Boo Boo as one of their top 10 allies of 2012.

Obvious out lesbians… lets all do the Jodie Foster!

Obvious lesbians… lets all do the Jodie Foster!

I’m doing the Jodie Foster and coming out but please respect my privacy.

Yeah right.

First is there anyone who thought Jodie Foster or I might actually be straight?

Second can you be a successful actress such as Jodie or a sex blogger like myself and really expect people to respect your privacy?

Third wasn’t that special the way she acknowledged her partner…  ex-partner that is. Lies lies nothing but lies. Maybe not but who cares?

Fourth so wonderful she received such a high honor. Mine’s coming soon and then I will officially come out. (Insert sarcasm here) Oh happy day.

Fifth I do love Jodie Foster. Now that she’s officially out I wonder if she’s gonna go to DisneyLand?

And finally thanks Jodie for paving the way for all us lesbians who are already out or maybe we paved the way for you.

Commando Landing Strip : Pubelicity Malfunction

Seriously, is it publicity or pubelicity?

Do all those celebrities flash their beaver for cash or is it really an accident?

Anne Hathaway had to know she wasn’t wearing panties or maybe she did really forget to put em on. It’s happened to me so many… hell no it hasn’t. I mean really? There’s a breeze. I feel it. I know my undies are not there. So maybe she didn’t mean to flash her goodies for the world but I’m certain she knew she wasn’t wearing panties.

I’m a fan of that sexy shaved landing strip. I love it. I’m thrilled I got the peek.

There’s just one thing that bothers me. It’s the womyn that go commando and wear jeans or shorts. Something about all the stiff raw denim rubbing vagina wetness doesn’t seem so appealing after a full day. I mean doesn’t that kinda get smelly. I’m a big fan of a sweet wet womyn but I want it on lacy cotton. Just my opinion and of course everyone’s entitled to it.



Well Hung LESBIAN!



I know what a well hung Lesbian is, in my opinion.

But everyone’s got an opinion or as I like to say different strokes for different folks

What do you consider a well hung lesbian?

A) Does the extra large Clitty Licker aka The Well Hung Tongue define a well hung lesbian?


B) Maybe a mere 6″ Strapper Tapper defines a well hung lesbian?


C) A big ole brain, fully functional (which is truly rare) could be a well hung lesbian?


D) Maybe Nice big hands with LONG lean or SHORT stubby fingers?


E) The 12″… or 36 oz pussy banger?


F) or is it possibly just a big ole’ heart that constitutes a well hung lesbian?