Questions YOU can’t answer.

Today is a good day to post this. It was written by Kim Richardson.
The link to her facebook is included.
  • I wrote this in 2009, but it seems timely to post it today. Forgive me if it’s posted twice.
    If marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman, and by holy I mean religious, then:     
    why are atheists allowed to marry?     
    why are people allowed to marry without any religious ceremony?
    If marriage is for children to grow up in a home where they can be cared for by a man and a woman:     
    why is divorce legal?
    why isn’t there a movement to make it illegal?
    Isn’t it the biggest threat to marriage?     
    why aren’t people who create children compelled to marry?     
    why aren’t childless married people compelled to create children?     
    why are there so many children in the foster care system?     
    why are divorced parents allowed to keep their children?
    Does freedom from religion exist if law abiding citizens are denied equal rights because one religion disagrees with those rights?
    Religion is a protected choice.
    IF homosexuality was a religion that believed marriage to be a union between a man and a man or a woman and a woman, would it be protected?
    If marriage is a religious union, why does it involve the state at all?
    There is no state involvement in a baptism, or a bar or bat mitzvah.
    Why is marriage different? What if marriage wasn’t a state issue?
    What if all adults were able to join in a civil union or domestic partnership?
    And marriage was a religious ceremony held separately by people who practiced religions that believe in it?

There’s a FOXY BUtch in the HEN house


I love BUtch womyn and our ability to pull off Masculinity and Femininity.

Check these out:


Thank you for being so stupid… and supportive???
I’m sure all those in favor of Traditional Marriage are officially boycotting you now.


BUTCH SHANE aka Katherine Moennig.


FEMME Shane:


Evan Rachel Ward delicious either way!



Smart azz Lesbian Butch Dyke


Yep that’s me.

I’ve been accused of being a Smart Azz, a Lesbian, Butch and even a Dyke.

Thank you! I own all those titles so without further delay…



Is it???



I learned this long ago.



Hey you straight man keep dreaming these are not lesbians. Just two young girls being paid very well to pretend.


Here’s your reality check. Real Lesbians on the right.


Dude any self respecting BUTCH LESBIAN is flattered.


Seriously you should.


Been annoyed done that.



Tends to be true.


Still got my box and it’s in great condition.


We’ve all been there.


so when was it?


Imagine if gays and lesbians thought this fucked up way.


Which photo shocks you more?


I’ve been asked this too many times.


No words necessary.


Lesbian Pussy


Always adjustable


My favorite!


Same sex marriage or Different sex marriage?

Much has been said about Same Sex Marriage

of course I have an opinion.

I want to marry the love of my life same as everyone else does.

I don’t believe my love and equal rights will ruin anyone’s relationship or family.

Heterosexual love, marriage and equal rights haven’t ruined

my relationship or family.

I’m not against different sex marriage also known as straight marriage.

Actually, I’m all for it.

Love is love, marriage is marriage and equal rights should be equal for everyone.



I’m Weeping.


I am here and I am a mess of tears and sadness.

I just watched a video. “It Could Happen to You”

I wept loudly as I watched.

I wept because my entire family adored my ex.

I wept at the pain of being able to relate to being threatened by my exes father and mother and being blamed for her being a lesbian.

I wept because I understand what it’s like to love someone so deeply and endlessly and to always fear physical harm from their family.

I wept because I sat at a hospital while she was in surgery totally ignored and pushed aside because I was not her family.

I am still weeping for Shane because he experienced my biggest fear. He lost the love of his life to death.

I wept because my entire involvement with my ex I knew I would go through the same thing if death ever took her from me.

Thankfully (I can say that now after time has passed and the pain has eased somewhat) my ex left me after the death of my father and step mother. She returned to her family and rejoined the straight heterosexual masses and she’s getting married in July. She will never have to worry about the hate and fear I experienced during our relationship. She has all the rights Shane, Tom and I do NOT have.

I’m happy she’s alive. I’m glad she’s getting married. I plan to consider it in my future (love you doll) but I’m terrified. I don’t want to live through it again. I don’t want to experience the ultimate pain Shane is living.

I completely expect this kind of behavior from the straight world. I’ve lived with it all my life. What stuns me is a few lesbian friends of mine on facebook post negative comments regarding legalizing same-sex marriage and I always cringe because it makes me wonder how they stand so firmly against something as important as love.

Watch this video. Comment your thoughts please and most important share this blog, share this video, stop the bullying and fight for our rights.