Questions YOU can’t answer.

Today is a good day to post this. It was written by Kim Richardson.
The link to her facebook is included.
  • I wrote this in 2009, but it seems timely to post it today. Forgive me if it’s posted twice.
    If marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman, and by holy I mean religious, then:     
    why are atheists allowed to marry?     
    why are people allowed to marry without any religious ceremony?
    If marriage is for children to grow up in a home where they can be cared for by a man and a woman:     
    why is divorce legal?
    why isn’t there a movement to make it illegal?
    Isn’t it the biggest threat to marriage?     
    why aren’t people who create children compelled to marry?     
    why aren’t childless married people compelled to create children?     
    why are there so many children in the foster care system?     
    why are divorced parents allowed to keep their children?
    Does freedom from religion exist if law abiding citizens are denied equal rights because one religion disagrees with those rights?
    Religion is a protected choice.
    IF homosexuality was a religion that believed marriage to be a union between a man and a man or a woman and a woman, would it be protected?
    If marriage is a religious union, why does it involve the state at all?
    There is no state involvement in a baptism, or a bar or bat mitzvah.
    Why is marriage different? What if marriage wasn’t a state issue?
    What if all adults were able to join in a civil union or domestic partnership?
    And marriage was a religious ceremony held separately by people who practiced religions that believe in it?

Sex Alone…


Certainly got your attention with that title didn’t I?

It’s misleading. I should apologize but I can not.

One can not live on SEX ALONE although many have tried.

I too have tried.

We are complicated, complex individuals with many needs and desires.

It’s time I come out .

I have a soft side.

Here’s where I can be found if you so desire.


Let them eat GAY cake!


Times have indeed changed since my coming out party…

wait I didn’t have a coming out party.

It’s wonderful that the youth of today can embrace

who they are and have the courage to

COME OUT boldly, cleverly, creatively and oh so publicly.


Accompanying the cake was a note:

good morning parents,

i’m gay.

i’ve wanted to tell you for a long time.

i thought doing it this way would be a piece of cake.

i hope you still love me.

i mean, it’s hard not to love someone who baked you a cake.

all my friends know and still love me.

your acceptance would be the icing on the cake.

i hope you, much like this cake, are not in tiers.

i hope we can look back on this and say

“boy, this one really takes the cake.”

it gets batter.

love, laurel (sorry for so many puns)


Way to go Laurel!

 Tumblr user ellende-generes (real name: Laurel)

BUtch LEsbian ADvice: EAT PUSSY!

Straight men your womyn complain all the time

because you won’t eat their pussy AND you still expect a big ole’ blow job.

That’s insane. Take some BUtch LEsbian ADvice from me.

Here’s all you need to do to get what you want from your womyn:


BUtch LEsbian ADvice!

Gay Honey Boo Boo!

Gay Honey Boo Boo!

GLAAD just nominated “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”
for an award and listed Honey Boo Boo as one of their top 10 allies of 2012.

FEmme/BUtch Rules*

Are FEmme Lesbians really this demanding, complicated?

Be sure and read all the rules.

* I did NOT write these!

*The Femme Rules:

1. The Femme always makes THE RULES.
2. THE RULES are subject to change without notice.
3. No butch can possibly know all THE RULES.
4. If the Femme suspects the Butch knows all THE RULES, she must immediately change some of THE RULES.
5. The Femme is never wrong.
6. If it appears the Femme is wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding caused by something the Butch did or said.
7. If Rule 6 applies, the Butch must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding.
8. The Femme can change her mind at any time without notice.
9. The Butch must never change her mind without the express written consent of The Femme.
10. The Femme has every right to be angry or upset at any time.
11. The Butch must remain calm at all times, unless the Femme wants her to be angry or upset.
12. The Femme must not, under any circumstances, let the Butch know whether she wants her to be angry or upset.
13. The Butch is expected to read the mind of the Femme at all times and act or respond accordingly.
14. What is important is what the Femme meant, not what she said.
15. If the Butch doesn’t abide by THE RULES, it is because she can’t take the heat, lacks backbone, and is a wimp.
16. If the Femme has PMS, all THE RULES are null and void and the Butch must cater to her every whim.
17. Any attempt to document THE RULES could result in bodily harm.
18. If the Butch, at any time, believes she is right, she must refer to Rule 5.
19. The Butch must kill all bugs at any given time.
20. The Butch must “always be prepared”…


Just smile, nod your head and live happily ever after.

* I did NOT write these rules!

Obvious out lesbians… lets all do the Jodie Foster!

Obvious lesbians… lets all do the Jodie Foster!

I’m doing the Jodie Foster and coming out but please respect my privacy.

Yeah right.

First is there anyone who thought Jodie Foster or I might actually be straight?

Second can you be a successful actress such as Jodie or a sex blogger like myself and really expect people to respect your privacy?

Third wasn’t that special the way she acknowledged her partner…  ex-partner that is. Lies lies nothing but lies. Maybe not but who cares?

Fourth so wonderful she received such a high honor. Mine’s coming soon and then I will officially come out. (Insert sarcasm here) Oh happy day.

Fifth I do love Jodie Foster. Now that she’s officially out I wonder if she’s gonna go to DisneyLand?

And finally thanks Jodie for paving the way for all us lesbians who are already out or maybe we paved the way for you.